Project Examples

There is a reason that we have been given multiple distinctions for our outstanding programs, such as the BZTB Award of Excellence in Further Education, the European Trainers Alliance’s Trainer of the Year 2011 award, ‘TRAiNiNG’ magazine’s Trainer of the Year 2008 award, the BDVT’s 5-Year Award, or the dvct’s Coach & Trainer Award.
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For the E-Plus Group, the Martin Limbeck Training Group developed its own training concept with its team of trainers around the sales luminary Martin Limbeck, which it dubbed “Management by Sales.” The nine-month long success program consisted of three seminar stages with a comprehensive action plan aimed at reorienting the B2B business. The goal and indeed the result of the program was an enormous increase in sales and a profound boost to the motivation of employees.



PERM Profile: That was the name of the concept singled out for an award by the dvct for Zeppelin, the world’s largest manufacturer of construction machines. The PERM Profile® is a blend of training and coaching and supports sales-oriented companies in establishing quantifiable, qualitative indicators for their sales department. As a consequence, the quality of sales pitches becomes both visible and quantifiable. Moreover, the PERM Profile offers recommendations for action in order to support sales employees individually, consistently, efficiently, and more successfully according to their specific and current situations.

Applying the four PERM Profile factors, users attain better sales scores. The first step consists in determining the current status: Data is collected and analyzed, a coaching form is drawn up, orders are studied in detail, and concrete targets are established. The second step begins with a live check: accompanying the sales professional in the field. The results will be promptly seized upon so that in the third step individual recommendations can be issued. The last step then consists in evaluating the successes and initiating a qualitative regulation of the sales process. In this way the sales professional can boost their success in a deliberate and structured manner.

Apart from its outstanding efficacy and practice- and implementation-oriented approach, the PERM Profile allows every sales professional the chance to develop his or her own personality within the sales department. Since the system is based on the employee’s existing qualifications, self-awareness is supported at every turn, thereby ensuring maximum sustainability. As a management instrument, the PERM Profile can be applied and reassessed at all times.



In our work with the reseller and service provider The Phone House Telecom, our Training Group was able to use the power of innovation and implementation of our program entitled “Best-in-Class German Sales Engineering: Selling Means You Must Sell.” The advanced training program was closely harnessed to the sales performance of the customer; the success was measured by a variety of key performance indicators, which in turn were based on the sales figures of the previous year. Numerous creative teaching methods and transfer aids were combined in a multi-phased program. This included the “hot seat,” video analysis, checklists, group exercises and role-playing games, round-table discussions with managers designed to monitor the achievement of objectives, the establishment of a trainer hotline, and a series of external events for team optimization.