Presentations and Keynotes

Be it a convention, a kick-off, an incentive, or a customer event, a highlight of your next function will be the presentations or keynotes provided by the Martin Limbeck Training Group. You will be guaranteed a momentous experience with precise pointers, practical content, and a presentation or keynote which cuts to the heart of the matter.

From Lone Wolf to Team Player: How to Boost the Power and Performance of Your Management Team

  • How to spark creativity and innovation, and incite employees to overcome complex challenges together
  • How to foster cohesion in your team and generate dynamic think tanks
  • The path from lone wolf to team player, achieved by means of a collective value system and code of behavior

Why Nobody Wants You to Get to the Top… and How You Can Make It Anyway

  • If it’s easy, anyone can do it: How obstacles make you stronger
  • Tenacity, willpower, diligence: How you become the best, if you stick to it
  • Second-best is not an option: Learn to score by using intuition, instinct, and ambition

NO Is Short for Next Opportunity: How Top Sales Professionals Think

  • How to acquire the skills of a top sales professional
  • How to anchor your confidence and strengthen your self-motivation
  • How to develop a clear goal orientation and boost your confidence in closing deals

Best-in-Class German Sales Engineering: Selling Means You Must Sell!

  • Top-level prospecting success strategies
  • Power, success and hard-selling rhetoric
  • From negotiating your price to consistently closing your deals—guaranteed!

On the Edge: What Selling and Boxing Have in Common

  • Scoring one round after the other—at the highest decision-making level
  • Fighting clean, keeping your guard up, and scoring at the right moment
  • Landing your jab in objection handling and reaching heavyweight sales figures

What Counts Is Who Knows You:
How to Master the Challenges in Marketing and Sales

  • The right mindset on the phone
  • Why first experiences are decisive
  • Making a lasting impression in the heart and mind of your customer

The Most Effective Style of Leadership

  • How to prevent salespeople from forgetting to sell when in the field
  • How to inspire others to aim high
  • Increased sales power through value-based leadership

Are you looking for a presentation or keynote tailor-made for your company and your target group? Then get in touch with us. Our presentations and keynotes will be sure to motivate your team, using concrete examples from your everyday working environment and an approach oriented exclusively toward your industry.